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You Cannot Afford To Cut Corners With Gas-Fitting


With our other services like plumbing and drain-laying, people sometimes want to install the systems themselves – that good old Kiwi DIY attitude. If things go wrong then it is messy, stressful and you have to get an expert plumber to repair the work. But for gas-fitting, if things go wrong, it can be fatal.  So you absolutely must not attempt to install any gas appliances yourself.  You must use a qualified gas-fitter.

Our gas-fitting services cover installing, commissioning and testing gas appliances like hobs, heating systems and hot water boilers. These can be in your home, workplace or even on your boat. With over 50 years experience we have installed gas appliances in more places than you can imagine so whatever your plan, we can help you.

Gas-fitting west Auckland


Better safe than sorry – gas fitter for West Auckland

It is vital that you have an annual service of your major gas appliances. Our service engineers can spot and risks which can prevent any potentially dangerous situations to you home or family. We are able to provide certification for Energy Safety.

To book a service for your gas appliances, call us on 0800 888 287.

Our technicians are accredited as top grade gas-fitters

We are Certified Gas Fitters which according to the Plumbers, Gas-fitters and Drainlayers Board, is “the highest qualification available. These people are responsible for ensuring both their own work, and the work of anyone they supervise is done competently.”

West Auckland gas fittingWe are extremely proud of our external certifications and work hard each year to ensure we offer only the best service to our customers.  Certified gas-fitters are required to carry a card confirming their accreditation. Ask to see the card so you can rest assured you are receiving the best gas fitting advice and installation available.

If you want to install gas appliances, service your gas fittings or suspect a leak, call us on 0800 888 287 or email and we will be glad to help you.