A Good Roof Protects Your Home, A Bad Roof Damages Your Pocket

Roofing repairs and installation

Having a water-tight, stable and well-fitted roof is essential to the long-term condition of your home. This is true anywhere but in Auckland with our high rainfall and frequent strong winds, it is even more important hat your roof is fitted correctly and then well maintained.

Good roof installation can save you thousands

Imagine what would happen to your house if there was a major leak during a storm.  Those situations are to spot and can be fixed by trained roofers.

North Shore roofingBut imagine if there is a gradual leak which you cannot see.  The regular ingress of water can do huge amounts of damage over time. This is more common than people think and this doesn’t just apply to leaky homes. Poor standards of roof installation mean that many homes are not weather-proof and are susceptible to leaking.

At Heron Plumbing we have highly experienced roofing guys who can install a new roof for you or give your old roof much needed maintenance to keep it weather-tight so it doesn’t leak.

Causes of leaking roofs

One of the most common causes of leaking roofs is poorly-fitting flashes around chimneys, sky-lights or corners in the roof.  This is usually due to poor installation in the first place so it pays to work with expert roofers rather than a local builder who claims they can fit a roof.  It’s not worth the risk or the cost to repair it.

Roofing repairs and installation

Roofing repairs and installation

Another common source of leaking roofs is blocked gutters and spouting. Vegetation and silt can build up quickly and prevent the flow of rainwater into the down-pipes. Overtime the water can seep into your walls or under the roof and from there you can have all sorts of very expensive problems.  So ask our roofing guys to come and maintain your roof to prevent big costly problems down the track.

If you want a new roof, roofing maintenance or repairs to your roof call us on 0800 888 287 or email and we will be glad to help you.